Mike Speck (1973-present)
Faye Speck (1973-present)
Kaye Peltier (1973-1976)
Sharon Hungerford (1977-1978)
Melody Speck (1988-1991; 2008-present)
Jeanie Cameron (1992-1996)
Tammira Daugherty (1997-1998)
Tim Parton (1997-1998)
Milena Parks (1998-2001)
Nic Holland (1998-1999; 2003-2004)
Rachael Snider (2001-2003)
Katy VanHorn (2003-2005)
Stacie Caraway (2005-2008)

The Specks (1973 - Present)


The Specks formed in 1973. The group has always consisted of husband and wife, Mike and Faye Speck. They are typically joined by a third vocalist.

The group's ministry blends Southern Gospel music with church choral music. In addition to singing with the group, Mike Speck has his own line of choral music books and has served as the minister of music at several churches.

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