Group Members

Dan Huskey (1952-1956)

Bob Shaw (1952-1955)
Jim Hamill (1955 briefly)
Roy McNeal (1955 briefly)
Don Butler (1955?-1956)

Tommy Rainer (1952)
Larry Taylor (1952?-1953?) (also played piano)
Cat Freeman (1953?-1955)
Bill Ballew (1955-1956)

Jim Waits (1952-1953)
Johnny Atkinson (1954)
Gordon Hill (1954-1955)
Bill Huie (1955-1956)

Jerry Briggs (1952)
Atlas Howard (1952)
Larry Taylor (1952-1954; 1955-1956) (also sang baritone)
Wally Varner (1954-1955)

Revelaires Quartet (1952-1956)

The Revelaires Quartet was organized in Atlanta, Georgia by Dan Huskey, soon after his departure from the tenor position with the Blackwood Brothers Quartet. The original Revelaires consisted of Huskey at tenor; Bob Shaw, lead; Tommy Rainer, baritone; “Big Jim” Waits singing bass, and Jerry Briggs at piano.

The Revelaires had considerable personnel turnover during their relatively short existence.

By the fall of 1954, in addition to Huskey and Shaw, their members were former Statesmen tenor, Cat Freeman at baritone; former Statesmen and All American Quartet member Gordon Hill at bass; and former Blackwood Brothers pianist, Wally Varner. This is the lineup that appeared on Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts program on CBS television in 1955. During this time period, the Revelaires frequently appeared jointly with the Harmoneers Quartet. This team effort lasted around six months.

Gordon Hill left and was soon followed by Shaw and Varner. Rebuilding proved difficult as more personnel turnover ensued. By the middle of 1956 the members were Dan Huskey, manager and tenor; Don Butler, lead; Bill Ballew, baritone; Bill Huie, bass; and Larry Taylor at piano. This lineup continued until they disbanded around the end of 1956 or early 1957.

The Revelaires recorded both 78 rpm and 45 rpm records on the Bibletone Records label. They also had a number of recordings that were released as radio transcriptions on 33 1/3 rpm, 16 inch diameter discs, each containing twelve songs.

Complete Discography

78 and 45 RPM Singles:
(Bibletone Records 1010): When You Travel All Alone; Talk, Talk, Talk About Jesus.

(Bibletone Records 1011): In The Sweet Forever; Oh My Lord What A Time.

(Bibletone Records 1012): I Love That Jesus Man; Just A Little Talk With Jesus.

(Bibletone Records 1013): Lord Carry Me Home; In That Hour.

(Bibletone Records 1014): Gloryland Jubilee; His Hand In Mine.

(Bibletone Records 1015); Do You Believe; When I Move.

(Bibletone Records 1016): What A Savior; This Old House (Dan Huskey, Bob Shaw, Cat Freeman, Gordon Hill, Wally Varner).

(Bibletone Records 1017): At The End Of The Trail/Blow Your Trumpet Gabriel

(Bibletone Records 1018): I’m So Glad Jesus; I Can Tell You The Time.

(Bibletone Records 1019): Heavenly Love; I've Been With Jesus.

(Bibletone Records 1020): No Secret Yet Never Fully Told; My Jesus Knows.

Radio transcriptions on 33 1/3 rpm, 16 inch diameter discs, all on the SESAC label, and all featuring (Dan Huskey, Bob Shaw, Cat Freeman, Gordon Hill, Wally Varner).:
R-1601: I've Never Been Sorry; Living With Jesus; I Can Tell You The Time; Going Home (Keith); My Labors Will Be O’er; When He Calls I'll Fly Away.

R-1602: Alone In The Garden; What A Savior; My Dream Home In Glory; In That Hour; I Have A Home Across The River; It's All Over Now.

R-1603: If Heaven's Any Better; The Love Of God; Feed Me Jesus; Where The Roses Never Fade; Wait Till You See Me In My New Home (Wally Varner, piano solo); Everybody Will Be Happy Over There.

R-1604: Take A Moment And Live; I've Been Awaitin'?; I've Been Listening In On Heaven; Anchored In Love Divine (Gordon Hill, vocal solo); Heaven's Joy Awaits; I've Changed My Mind.

R-1605: I've Got That Old Time Religion In My Heart; When You Travel All Alone; Peace Like A River; There's A Little Pine Log Cabin; Help Me Lord To Stand; Rolling, Riding, Rocking.

R-1606: Somebody Loves Me; In The Sweet Forever; God Is Love; Over The Moon; I'm A little Bit Closer (Bobby Shaw, vocal solo); Soon We'll Be Going Home.

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